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A recreational hub that enables sport-enthusiasts to instantly book facilities for recreational use. Moreover, the corner connects activity seekers with one another by organizing pickup games. It is a smartphone and web application built on the pillars of flexibility, convenience, and innovative simplicity.

I had the pleasure of having much contribution to the final and overall design and completion of this service. I joined the company shortly after it started to be developed, and I had a large part in the user interface and the user experience for both the mobile and web app. As well, I am the lead designer in terms of the branding & artwork for all aspects of the company, from the designs of the applications to the advertising content being delivered on Facebook and Instagram.



After choosing either Facility Rentals or Pickup Games, choose the sport/activity that you would like to play.

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Afterwards, select the game or time slot that you would like to book or join. We have thousands of listing and many pickup games to choose from.

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Once you selected a specific listing, you are able to review multiple details about the selection, and have a glimpse of a 360 degrees view of the arena, court, or field that is going to be played on.

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Filter - Sort - Calendar

You are able to filter the listings in order to find the best time, place, or price for you.

You can filter the dates using the calendar function, or select a price & time range to narrow down the options even more.

You can also sort date or price from lowest to highest & vice versa.


myCorner and myProfile

Have all of your records and important information stored and readily available to view and edit on myProfile page.

In the myCorner page, you are able to view listings that were saved beforehand, alerts that were set up to notify of specific upcoming listings, as well as all of the bookings that were previously purchased. It is also possible to view and/or edit the listings that were posted by the user themselves.

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Another great feature is the split option, which allows you to easily split payments with other users!

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Enjoy this amazing service and great features all from a

desktop or laptop.

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Video Content


Several animations and other types of content that is used for promotional marketing and instructional tutorials. I created, designed, and animated all of this content, in which only a small amount is being showcased here.

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CatchCorner Corporate


CatchCorner is a hub that provides a fantastic service for its individual users, but we also provide the booking software for the facilities themselves, making it much easier for these companies to list what they offer in the most organized and efficient way possible. As many facilities utilize outdated technologies, CatchCorner Corporate solves many issues that these companies face frequently. Visit it at

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Check out, to get a deeper insight in the company and my design work.